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The National Institute of Sports and Tourism of Turkmenistan

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744001, Turkmenistan, Ashgabat ş., Hero of Turmenistan Atamurat Niyazow ave, 243.
Tel.: 36 25 40, fax: 36 24 56.

Structure of the institute.

2 faculties «Sport» and «Tourism»

8 departments:

  1. «Sport medicine and biological maintenance»
  2. «World experience study»
  3. «Equestrian Sport, gymnastics, track and field athletics and swimming»
  4. «Turkmen national and sport games»
  5. «Wrestling and single combat»
  6. «Organization and Management of Tourist business»
  7. «Special management of Hotel and Tourism attendant»
  8. «Theory and methods of Sport and biomechanics»

In National institute of sports and tourism of Turkmenistan was an open post-graduete school on professions: «Theory and methods of the physical education, athletic drill, sanitary and adaptive physical culture». 13.00.04; the approved subjects candidate,s thesis: one is dedicated to forming the culture of health beside pupil in his senior year but the second-preparation athlete to high qualification: in wrestling.

Also plans opening of the scientific center with problem science laboratory. Scientific-researching work at the faculty of «Sport» connects with sheding main pedagogical, medical-biological legal physical-healthy and sport activities of person. At the faculty of Tourism researches main science of developping economical effects of tourism field.

The results of scientific researches are indicated on scientific conferences, some materials are published on newspapers and scientific magazines.

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