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Institute of Seismology and Atmospheric Physics of the Academy of Sciences of Turkmenistan


744000, Ashgabat, T.Berdyeva (1994) str, 20a,
Tel.: (+99312) 940749; fax: (+99312) 942925

Institute of Seismology and Atmospheric Physics of the Academy of Sciences of Turkmenistan is the specialized scientific entity incorporated the Academy of sciences of Turkmenistan carrying out fundamental and complex research-methodological study in the sphere of seismology and atmospheric physics

According to the authorized Position the institute of Seismology and atmospheric physics Academy of Science of Turkmenistan is called to solve the following tasks:

- development of methodology of supervision, perfection and carrying out of seismic activity monitoring, geophysical fields, fluid and dynamic and geochemical parameters with the purpose of the variations research aimed at the preparation of earthquakes and modern geodynamic processes;

- realization of fundamental and applied researches on physics of a seismic center, regional seismology and modern geodynamics of an earth’s crust on the basis of regime results supervision and monitoring;

- development of scientific methods of seismic danger estimation (including, development of seismic intensity scale of Turkmenistan territory), seismic zoning of territories of various detail (the general, detailed and micro-zoning

- studying of geodynamics and seismic activity of areas of industrial development of mineral deposits and constructions of objects of industrial and non-productive purpose of nation-wide value with the purpose of probability estimation anthropogenic earthquakes;

-studying of lithospheric ionospheric bridging with the purpose of the abnormal phenomena search preceding to earthquakes occurrence;

- carrying out of engineering - geological researches, complex studying of engineering - geological conditions and engineering — seismological characteristics of the chosen platform of construction and preparation reference the seismicity conclusions;

- development by working group of Advisory Institute Council of the seismic danger conclusions with submission to the State commission of Turkmenistan on emergency situations and civil defense at the Cabinet of Turkmenistan;

- cooperation with international organizations and seismological centers in the sphere of seismological data and research.

The regular structure of institute of seismology and atmospheric physics is concentrated in the following divisions:

1. Research laboratories:

) Laboratory of monitoring of seismicity;

b) Laboratory of geophysical researches;

c) Laboratory of modern geodynamics and physics of an atmosphere;

d) Laboratory of engineering — geological methods of research and dynamics of

geochemical processes.

2. Seismic service:

) Stationary seismic stations (19);

b) Mobile seismic stations (23);

c) Observatories (2);

d) Groups (7):

— regime geodetic supervision;

— regime gravimagnetic supervision;

— electromagnetic and borehole supervision;

— mobile seismic stations and strong movements of a ground;

— composite processing of materials;

— engineering-technical group;

— the Balkan complex geophysical group.

For carrying out of regime geophysical, geodetic, hydro-geological supervision two geodynamic ranges are created: Ashgabat and Balkan.

The basic directions of activity of institute

Laboratory of monitoring of seismicity:

— carrying out of fundamental and applied seismological researches, studying of a seismic mode, development of maps of seismic division into districts, an estimation of seismic danger and perfection of a technique of seismological supervision;

— an estimation of efficiency of existing system of seismological supervision of Turkmenistan and development of recommendations on its updating, including re-equipment by digital stations;

— studying a structure and constitution of an earth’s crust and the top cloak for revealing of seismogenic zones;

— carrying out of macroseismic inspections of epicentral zones of the occurred earthquakes.

Laboratory of geophysical researches:

— carrying out of research works on studying of existential structure of geophysical fields in seismically active regions of Turkmenistan with the purpose of studying of physical processes generation regularity in seismic zones by preparation and realization of seismic events and revealing of medium-and short-term earthquake foreshocks;

— the analysis and interpretation of regime supervision results by a complex of methods (seismometrics, electrometrics, magnetometry, gravimetry, geothermics), designing of models of forecasting variations generation of the controllable parameters caused by processes of preparation and realization of earthquakes;

— the centralized gathering and the operative analysis of forecasting information, preparation of forecasting conclusions at abnormal changes revealing of environment controllable parameters on ranges; creation and updating of databanks of regime geophysical and hydrometeorological supervision, providing of research information support;

— the scientific — methodical control over acrryng out of range supervision by a complex of the geophysical methods held with the purpose of revealing of foreshocks of earthquakes, and development of recommendations on their modernization;

— perfection of geophysical monitoring zones on seismogenic breaks of an earth’s crust by creation of new microranges with statement on them of modern complex geophysical supervision over geodynamic processes, including the phenomena of seismotectonic activization.

Laboratory of modern geodynamics and physics of an atmosphere:

— the analysis of the natural data on a supervision deformation complex (vertical, horizontal movements of a terrestrial surface, tiltmetric supervision) with the purpose of definition of researched territories regional dynamic characteristics, revealing of character of modern geodynamic activity interrelation with variations of geophysical fields and seismic activity, search of earthquakes deformation foreshocks and improvement of methods of their revealing;

— complex interpretation of the measurements results, including development and perfection of mathematical methods of processing of supervision results, designing and perfection of quantitative models of modern geodynamic processes within the framework of mechanics of a deformable firm body, development of power models of geodynamic and seismic activity interrelation, designing of analytical models of formation of processes of preparation of earthquakes of tectonic and anthropogenic nature.

Laboratory of engineering — geological methods of research and dynamics of geochemical processes:

— implementation of experimental researches of structure, a condition and properties of soil of Turkmenistan; an estimation of engineering — geological conditions of territories of building; research of properties and characteristics of soil composing, for maintenance aseismic stability and bearing capacity of the soils bases of buildings and constructions;

— seismic microdivision into districts of territories of Turkmenistan cities and settlements;

— carrying out of engineering — geological researches, performance of complex studying of engineering — geological conditions of the chosen platform of construction and allocation of engineering — geological elements, and also an establishment of quantitative parameters of hydro-geological and geological processes, aggressions of underground waters and soils;

— research engineering — seismological characteristics, submission of the conclusions on seismicity of platforms under construction.


For the period of 2010—2016 yy. the following have been published:

— 2 collections of scientific articles;
— 21 article in scientific magazines and editions;
— 23 theses of reports.

The Institute of Seismology and Atmospheric physics of the Academy of Sciences takes part in the annual international scientific conferences dated by the Day of the Science, and also in the conferences of a scientific — educational and geophysical structure which are taking place in Turkmenistan.

By the Institute of Seismology and of Atmospheric physics of the Academy of Science:

— the National map of seismic zoning of Turkmenistan is developed (scale 1:1 000 000);

— «the Scale of seismic intensity of Turkmenistan» has been developed;

— series of techniques and manuals on carrying out of regime geophysical measurements and monitoring of various specializations has been developed.

The international cooperation

The Great Britain: Within the scale framework of the "Earthquakes without borders «international project, implemented by the Central — Asian Forum of the Cambridge University, field researches of one of the largest in the world the Ashgabat Right-hand shift with the help of a method of paleoseismic trenches have been carried out together with scientists from United Kingdom.

The Russian Federation: realizing the Contract on scientific and technical cooperation between Institute of Seismology and Atmospheric physics of the Academy of Sciences of Turkmenistan and Institute of physics of the Earth. (IPhE the Russian Academy of Science) named after O.J U.Schmidt have been carried out complex researches on takyr sediments of Danatin corridor of Turkmenistan for studying of a seismic history of region and evolution of a geomagnetic field during last several millennia. Researchers have been carried out together with experts from Institute of Earth Physics the Russian Academy of Science at participation of the expert from the Parisian Institute of Physics of the Earth (France).

Japan: within the framework of realization of the «Agreements on technical cooperation» between the Government of Japan and the Government of Turkmenistan with the Japanese Agency of the International Cooperation (JICA) the Agreement on carrying out of joint researches for performance of «the Project of seismological supervision system improvement in the territory of Ashgabad city and around it)» has been signed.

Austria: according to the Resolution of the President of Turkmenistan «About creation and functioning in territory of Turkmenistan of seismological station of the International Monitoring Systems of the organization under the Contract about universal prohibition of nuclear tests» the Institute of Seismology and Atmospheric Physics of the Academy of Sciences of Turkmenistan, appointed as National responsible) body of Turkmenistan on implementation of the Contract on universal prohibition of nuclear tests, provides functioning of seismic station PS44 Alibek in Turkmenistan.

Republic of Belarus: within the framework of the Contract on scientific and technical cooperation of the Institute of Seismology and Atmosphere physics of the Academy of sciences of Turkmenistan with the Center of geophysical monitoring of the National Academy of sciences of Byelorussia the Program of works on creation of system of seismic monitoring area of extraction of potash salts in Turkmenistan "has been prepared. In areas of construction of Potash and Cement factories are carried out the reconnoitering works with the purpose of statement of regime emanation and geophysical researches.

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