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The National institute of deserts, flora and fauna of the Ministry of nature protection of Turkmenistan

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744000, Ashkhabad, 15, Bitarap Turkmenistan str.

The activity of the National institute of deserts, flora and fauna of the Ministry of nature protection of Turkmenistan aimed at the implementation of fundamental and applied researches on problems of biology, ecology, human environment and rational nature use with regard for peculiarities of functioning of arid ecosystem.

The structure of the National institute:

  • there are 8 scientific laboratories (laboratories: plants ecology and cytology; vegetable resources; invertebrate; vertebrate; forests and pastures; stabilizing and afforestation of sands; especially protected natural areas; monitoring of desertification and remote sensing methods.
  • Scientific-productive centre of ecological monitoring.
  • Scientific-information centre of Interstate Commission of sustainable development of International Fund of the Aral save.

Basic scientific trends:

  • Complex researches, development of methods of rational use and protection of biosphere resources in Turkmenistan;
  • Study of desertification processes and development of complex activities on the rational use of land water resources;
  • Complex study of diversity of animal and vegetable world, research of resource and foreign species, creation of data base and conduction of state cadastre;
  • Monitoring of endemic, rare and vanishing species af animal and plants their protection and conducting of the national Red Data Book;
  • Prognose of possible changes in the state of basic components of environment at intense nature use including biological diversity;
  • Development of technology of restoration and improvement of degraded forests pastures lands and creation of forest-gardens of perspective plants species;
  • Development of recommendations on the protection of motor and railway roads and other national-economic objects against sandy drift and deflation;
  • Working out of scientific principles of network development of especially protected natural areas and recommendations on the perfection of their management;
  • Study of insects of natural ecosystems and agrocenoses development of ecologically clear struggle methods against harmful species;
  • Implementation of state order on the observation environment pollution, information of government bodies and enterprises on their inquiries on its state;
  • Participation in the introduction into the production and promotion of use of the most important home and foreign achievements in the field of nature use and environment protection.

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