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According to the Decree of the President of Turkmenistan issued on 12.07. 2009 Institute of archaeology and ethnography of the Academy of Sciences of Turkmenistan was established.

Main directions of activity of the Institute: following the program, offered by the President of Turkmenistan, on Revival and great reforms on development of the native system of science and education, improving it to the level of world standards, to conduct fundamental scientific investigations in the field of archeology and ethnography, to organize collection and processing of data, referring to material and spiritual values of the Turkmen folk creative activity; to study and summarize modern level of science in the field of archaeology and ethnography; to investigate national traditions and spiritual originality of the Turkmen people from the position of modern demands of the ethnographical science, to popularize its history and cultural heritage; to arrange work with higher educational establishments and other scientific-investigative Institutes in these directions.


Department of pristine, antic

and mediaeval archeology of Turkmenistan:

Conducts archaeological excavations on the ancient archaeological monuments of Turkmenistan, investigates field materials and puts the received results into scientific usage

Department of ethnic history of the Turkmen people:

Studies ethno-cultural connections, ethnical unions and life of the Turkmen people from the ancient times to present day; investigates ethnogeny and ethnical links of the Turkmen people, their settling in the whole world and contribution to the culture of local people; puts the received results into scientific usage.

Department of ethnography and spiritual culture:

Collects information, connected with rites, traditions and spiritual values of the Turkmen people, investigates, analyzes and summarizes them and puts the received results into scientific usage.

Department of numismatics and epigraphy:

Goes in for collecting ancient coins and money symbols, systematizing, preserving, investigating and scientific estimation of them; gives scientific interpretation of different inscriptions on the seals, coins and historical monuments.

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