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Ashgabat 2017 Daily Preview: 18 September


The Scientific conference held at the Institute of history of the AST


On September 12, 2017, at the Institute of History of the AST, in conjunction with the Democratic Party of Turkmenistan, the Magtymguly Youth Council of Turkmenistan in honor of the V Asian Indoor Games and Martial Arts held a scientific conference named «Turkmenistan is a country of health and spirituality».

Turkmen publications receive high awards on international book contest


Winners award ceremony of International CIS contest «The Art of Book» has taken place under anniversary, the 30th Moscow International Book Fair.

The Scientific conference held at the Magtymguly Institute of Language and Literature


At the Magtymguly Institute of Language and Literature of the Academy of Sciences of Turkmenistan, in honor of the V Asian Indoor Games and Martial Arts, held a scientific conference «Sports source of health, spirituality and friendship».

The scientific conference in the field of energy was held in the Center of technologies of the Academy of science of Turkmenistan


In honor of energy industry workers was held a scientific conference at the Technologies Center of the Academy of Sciences of Turkmenistan in conjunction with the Turkmen State Energy Institute, the Academy of Sciences of Turkmenistan and the Turkmen State Architectural and Construction Institute.

Experimental pistachio samples please the scientists of the Botanical garden with high crop yield


In order to preserve pistachios in nature, as well as to protect biodiversity — animals that feed on these nuts, specialists conduct plant introductions.

State Program for the development of social and human sciences was approved


The State Program for the Development of social and human sciences and Action plan for its implementation has been approved.

Scientists work over breeding of perspective cattle livestock


As is known, the number of livestock and poultry complexes were transferred under responsibility of the State Association of Food Industry of Turkmenistan.

Young scientists develop automatic system for care of hothouse crops


Innovative technologies for Botanical Garden are the result of new perspective development of the Council of Young Scientist of the Institute of Transport and Communication.

The history of the masterpiece: Silver vessel from Margiana


Archaeological findings of ancient and great state of Margush represent special value among the exhibits of the Museum of Visual Arts.

Developments of Turkmen scientists increase the efficiency of hydrocarbons production


For years of its work, the Institute of Oil and Gas of the State Concern «Turkmengas» has gained good experience of the development of hydrocarbon deposits.

The international conference dated to Day of Science opened in Ashgabat


In Ashgabat the international scientific conference «Science, technics and innovative technologies in the epoch of happiness» opened.

Awards were presented to winners of the competition of scientific works among youth


On the occasion of the Science Day, Ashgabat hosted the solemn ceremony of awarding the winners of the annual competition of scientific works among young people, conducted by the Central Council of the Youth Organization named after Makhtumkuli jointly with the Academy of Sciences.

The Head of the State congratulates the winners of Youth Scientific Works Contest


Foundation of the Centre of Young Scientists under the Academy of Sciences of Turkmenistan and the Central Council of Magtumguly Youth Organization is an important step in modernization of science, support and stimulation of talented youth in scientific and technologies spheres, — the message mentions.

President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov Welcomes Scientific Community


Science and technology are the key factors of integrated development of the global economy including independent and neutral Turkmenistan.

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