Biologists fight pollution

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Biologists fight pollution


In the biotechnology laboratory of the Center for Technology of the Academy of Sciences of Turkmenistan, research is being carried out on the formation of a collection of effective hydrocarbon destructor microorganisms, hydrocarbon-oxidizing bacteria are isolated from native microorganisms, and the characteristics of the effectiveness of destructor microorganisms in relation to various hydrocarbons are studied.

The fact is that in terms of the degree of harmful impact on ecosystems, oil, oil products and oil-containing industrial waste take second place after radioactive contamination.

Biological means can provide significant assistance in resolving the issue of cleaning the territory from oil. Microbiological methods are able to complement technical methods, and in certain situations they have no alternative. The advantage of biological methods of neutralization is the high degree of utilization of the pollutant, the reduction of the anthropogenic load on the disturbed ecosystem through the use of natural resources. Therefore, biological cleaning methods are much more economically profitable, although their use is limited to the spring-summer period.

An important condition for the selection of active microorganisms destructors of hydrocarbon pollution, as well as for the creation of microbiological fertilizers, which include microorganisms (microorganisms, micromycetes) contained in the probiotic product, they must remain viable throughout the entire period of their storage. Such preparations are created on the basis of micromycetes and azotobacteria.

In this regard, studies are being carried out on phytopathogenicity — plant diseases caused by pathogens (infectious diseases) and environmental factors and determining the ability of microorganisms to macerate — destroy plant tissue.

The results of the research will be data on strains of microorganisms that can stimulate plant growth in Turkmenistan. Based on the proposed strains, biological preparations will be developed that can provide stable crop production efficiency.

These drugs and schemes for their use can be used to solve the problems of salinization of irrigated lands in our country.

Vladimir Komarov

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