A collection of scientific articles of the Technology Center has been released

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A collection of scientific articles of the Technology Center has been released


«Innovative technologies for the development of the state» — this is the name of the collection of articles published by the «Ylym» publishing house. This is the next — the sixth collection of scientific works of the employees of the Center for Technology of the Academy of Sciences of Turkmenistan. Readers are presented with over forty studies of a fundamental and applied nature, as well as innovative proposals developed in the laboratories of the Center.

The new collection demonstrates the high potential of the technology center involved in the implementation of the strategic goals defined by the «State Program for Improving the Efficiency of Scientific Research and Innovative Technologies in Turkmenistan for 2017-2021», «The State Program for Energy Saving for 2018-2024», «The State Program for the Development of Natural and exact sciences in Turkmenistan», «Program of the President of Turkmenistan for the socio-economic development of the country in 2019-2025» and «Program of digitalization of the science system of Turkmenistan for 2020-2025». The articles of the collection introduce the reader to comprehensive research in the field of information and communication, bio- and nanotechnologies, and alternative energy. It presents the whole range of fundamental research and applied work in such areas as the agro-industrial complex, the sphere of ecology and the efficient use of natural resources, fuel and energy sector and resource saving.

The collection offers an overview of new technologies that ensure the sustainable development of the agro-industrial complex based on the safe use of land and water, the use of sulfur and biomass waste in the carbonization and rehabilitation of saline areas of irrigated agriculture and other works aimed at efficient land use.

The scientists of the Center have developed conditions for obtaining «green» hydrogen based on an energy-saving autonomous waste-free reclamation complex controlled by renewable energy sources (sun, wind), as well as water from the upper layer of reservoirs and lakes, in particular, Altyn Asyr Lake, containing unicellular algae and saprophytic bacteria. Of particular interest are reports on experiments on the synthesis of carbon nanotubes, research work on the manufacture of a silicon perovskite tandem element, and the possibility of extracting cellulose from the residues of licorice root processing. The wide use of different types of yandak — a perennial plant — in folk medicine aroused the interest of scientists from the Technology Center in the study of various extracts, essential oils and other metabolites of this plant.

As a result of these studies in the laboratory, an innovative method was developed for the production of a dry wood extract from the perennial herb yandak, which has antidepressant properties. Scientists of the center widely use biotechnologies for the processing of waste from industrial enterprises. In particular, a biotechnological method for obtaining citric acid was applied in the laboratory. Organic acid obtained in the laboratory can be widely used in the food industry, medicine and technical fields, and also as a preservative to protect food from oxidation. The development of scientists is used in the production of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, in the refining of vegetable oils, as a pH regulator.

The collection of scientific papers is published in two languages (Turkmen, Russian) and is intended for specialists, leading sectors of the national economy, as well as for teachers, graduate students and students of specialized universities.

Vladimir Komarov

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