Exhibition of projects of young scientists in honor of the Day of Science

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Exhibition of projects of young scientists in honor of the Day of Science


A two-day exhibition-competition of scientific projects of young scientists of the university, dedicated to the upcoming Day of Science, was held at the Turkmen Agricultural University named after S.A. Niyazov.

The exhibition presented more than two dozen research projects, on which students worked together — representatives of the Council of Young Scientists of the university and scientific supervisors of work — teachers and mentors of youth. The preparation of projects went on throughout the 2021—2022 academic year, the successful and fruitful results of which were highlighted at the festive exposition.

In the exhibition pavilion, which unfolded in one of the educational buildings of the university, projects focused on almost all branches of agricultural production were presented. Let’s get acquainted with a few of them.

A method for increasing honey production was described in their project by Arslan Meredov, a 5th year student at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, and his supervisor. The goal of the project was achieved using a family of honey bees obtained by crossing gray bee queen bees with drones of local breeds. As a result of crossing these breeds of bees, heterosis is manifested (an increase in the viability and productivity of hybrids) and hybrids with outstanding economically useful traits are obtained, the authors explained. The main thing is that mixed offspring are distinguished by high honey productivity, as well as endurance, reproductive qualities, and resistance to local climatic conditions. Experimentally and scientifically, based on the conducted experimental studies, comparative mathematical calculations, the authors were able to argue and prove the visible advantages and pluses of the project.

Further, a tour of the exhibition leads to a layout with a green garden. These are cherry plantations and a project aimed at increasing the production of cherries. And also — increasing the resistance of trees to local climatic conditions, diseases and pests, explained the author — Rustem Ishankuliev, a 4th year student of the Faculty of Agronomy. Such a result became apparent to the young scientist through experiments on crossing cultivars and wild plant species. The obtained advantages of cherry trees, the main of which is high productivity, the author also refers to the most developed root system of plants.

A number of projects at the exhibition were devoted to the cotton industry and the textile industry based on it. An interesting project was presented by the student Baikhan Joraev, a 4th year student of the Faculty of Textile Production, together with his supervisor. The main goal of the work is to obtain high-strength threads based on cotton fiber with the addition of synthetic polymeric materials. This product, according to the author, is able to increase the strength and quality of textile products, as well as reduce defects in production. This result is achieved through the use of more elongated and bulky threads in the manufacture of fabric. The author’s project also offers the opportunity to send waste from the country’s textile enterprises to the conveyor for the production of threads.

The project of Gulbahar Mammetnurova, a 2nd year student of the Faculty of Agricultural Products Processing, allows to benefit from waste, but already from food industry enterprises. In industrial workshops for the production of curd cheeses, a significant amount of unused whey remains, from which tasty and healthy sour-milk kvass can be obtained, comments Gulbahar. This idea can be implemented by introducing one unit of additional equipment into production, which does not require large expenditures. At the same time, the enterprise uses raw materials to the maximum, increases profits, expands the range of products and gives the people of Turkmenistan a novelty that is healthy for health.

The content of the exhibition also included student projects for the development of sericulture, grain growing, vegetable growing, fruit growing and other areas of agar production. A number of projects were devoted to the digitalization of agriculture, in which fully automated «smart greenhouses», «smart warehouses», and parking lots were presented. The authors showed examples of conducting and monitoring livestock and crop farms with the help of drones — unmanned aerial vehicles. The projects embodied fresh, creative ideas on the use of alternative energy sources in the agricultural industry — solar panels, windmills, etc.

Since the organizers held a competition for the best works within the framework of the information-rich and interesting exhibition, the winners and prize-winners were named at the end of the event. They included 9 students who received 2 first, 3 second and 4 third places.

The first places were awarded to 4-year students — Selbi Mukhammedova (specialty Spinning of natural fibers) and Shukur Nurgeldiyev (specialty Information systems and technologies in agriculture). Selbi was awarded for the Silk Yarn Product Quality Improvement Project and Shukur for the Agricultural Digitalization Project.

The second places were awarded to: Derya Rustemov (5th year, Information systems and technologies in agriculture) and his project «Smart greenhouse», Arslan Meredov (5th year, Animal husbandry) and the Project to increase honey production using a family of honeybees, Gulbahar Mammetnurova (2nd year, Processing of meat and dairy products) and its project «Waste-free technology for processing fermented milk products».

Third places were awarded to: Baky Nurgeldiyev (4th year student, Agronomy) and the author’s project «Agrotechnics for growing strategic crops», Ogultach Tagandurdiyeva (3rd year student, Sericulture) and the Project «Sericulture Center», Shalar Syakhetmuradov (3rd year student, Agricultural Mechanization) and his project fully automated parking. Another third place went to the joint Pasture Technology Project in Turkmenistan. Its authors are Dzhemshit Shikhiyev and Akmuhammet Khommiev, 4th and 3rd year students of the specialty Animal Husbandry.

The winners and prize-winners of the exhibition-competition of scientific projects were awarded diplomas and prizes.

Competition is competition. This is a competition designed to determine the leaders, the best and strongest participants, according to the jury. Despite this, it is worth emphasizing that each of the projects of the exhibition is interesting in its own way and worthy of attention, because they have invested a huge painstaking and diligent work of students — very active, capable, intellectually active and creatively gifted children. Of particular importance is the desire of young people to fully use their potential for the benefit of the development and prosperity of our Motherland. In this context, one cannot fail to emphasize the high level of professional training of future specialists at the university, the ongoing work to support, stimulate and develop young talents.

Anastasia Kasyanova

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