Miras Journal Sums Up 2020

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Miras Journal Sums Up 2020


The latest issue of Miras, a quarterly popular scholarly journal published by the Magtymguly Institute of Language, Literature and National Manuscripts (the Academy of Sciences) has come out. Intended for a wide readership, it continues a series of articles on new discoveries and results of research studies on the Turkmen nation’s historical-cultural and spiritual heritage.

The final issue for 2020 is devoted to the 25th anniversary of the country’s neutrality, and all the key events that took place throughout the year in commemoration of the historical anniversary.

Statements by President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov on the country’s neutral status featured on the first pages set the tone for all other articles in the issue. The front cover page is adorned with an image of the Monument of Neutrality of Turkmenistan.

The traditional section «Discoveries and New Research Work» carries an article by Sinan Dinç, Doctor of Philology and a faculty member at Turkey’s Atatürk University (the Department of Literature). The author of the article titled «Alp Arslan — An Example of Humanism» draws a parallel between historical events in the Turkmens’ glorious past and our neutral country’s modern achievements, which are a source of pride not only for the Turkmen nation, but for the brotherly Turkish people, according to the scholar.

Sinan Dinç based his research on an event that took place during the reign of the Seljuk Ruler Alp Arslan, particularly the Battle of Manzikert (Malazgirt), during which the army led by the great Turkmen commander decisively defeated the outnumbering troops under the Byzantine Emperor Romanos Diogenes.

As the scholar notes, Alp Arslan showed mercy and humanity to the defeated enemies, and this is a true testament to the age-old high humanistic values cherished by the Turkmens, which are the cornerstone of the policy of peace and neutrality pursued by President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov in modern times.

This idea is embodied in another article called «Neutrality of Turkmenistan — the True Hallmark of Humanism» in the same section. It highlights the inextricable link between the roots of Turkmen neutrality and our people’s many-thousand-year history and their spiritual values.

Along with that, the author demonstrates the commitment of our country’s neutral status to building a better future as clearly exemplified by Turkmenistan’s energetic and environmental diplomacy, and its adherence to a number of international Conventions. Turkmen neutrality is the guarantee of peace and security for all humanity, and the road to promoting friendship and brotherhood among all nations on the planet, the scholar asserts.

An article headlined «The Turkmen Khorezmshah-Anushteginid Dynasty and Sultan Jelaleddin» takes the reader on a journey back in time and also finds the ancient roots of Turkmen neutrality.

The issue also contains an article headed «Turkmenistan-UNESCO: The Development of International Cultural Cooperation», which looks at our country’s neutrality as an effective instrument for establishing and enhancing interstate partnerships.

Stressing our country’s multifaceted constructive dialogue with the United Nations Organization, the article focuses in detail on the collaboration with UNESCO.

The section «The Interaction of Cultures, Nations and Civilizations» features an article entitled «The Roots of Neutrality in Turkmen Literature», which offers a wealth of factual information of the subject. The research studies give the reader an opportunity to appreciate the importance of folk art, including proverbs and wise aphorisms, as well as pieces of poetry reflecting the Turkmen nation’s peace-loving spirit, tolerance and benevolence.

«Turkmen Rulers of the Deccan (India)» is an article, which explores the historical past and Turkmen-Indian relations. It presents well-known and little-known facts about the fruitful friendly relations between the two countries’ nations, which can be traced down the ages.

The journal also features an article called «A Modern Model of Strengthening Humanistic Relations» on cooperation between our independent neutral country and the United Nations. It highlights that over the years of neutrality Turkmenistan has organized a host of events aimed to tackle regional and global issues, while promoting peace and mutual understanding.

The journal’s «Scientific and Cultural News» provides an overview of events on the country’s scientific and cultural scene during the fourth quarter of 2020.

The section centers on the key events of the Year designated as «Turkmenistan: A Land of Neutrality» that demonstrated the remarkable consistency of the progressive policy of peace carried out by the head of state Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, and the successful implementation of the social policy.

Published in the Turkmen, English and Russian languages, the edition is lavishly illustrated with photographs, including images of museum and archival artifacts, which add visual appeal to the articles.

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