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for registration and submission of abstracts/papers for participation in the International scientific conference «Education, science, sport and tourism in the Great Revival epoch»

According to the Resolution of the President of Turkmenistan the international scientific conference «Education, science, sport and tourism in the Great Revival epoch» will be held in November 24—26, 2010.

Languages of the conference: Turkmen, English, Russian.

Organizing committee:

Ministry of Education of Turkmenistan

Academy of sciences of Turkmenistan

State Committee of Turkmenistan for Tourism and sport


To take part in the work of the conference it is necessary to fill the registration form of the participant of the conference and send the report summary and abstracts to the Organizing committee.

The registration form of the conference participant





Academic degree, title

The organization (the full name)

The address of the organization (with the postal index)

Office phone




The title of the report

The language the report is prepared in 

General requirements for report summaries and abstracts

The following requirements should be met while writing abstracts and report summary:

1. Abstracts of the report should not exceed 1,5 page of А4 format (210×297 mm), the report summary should be made on 0,5 pages of А4 format.

2. Thesis of your reports and annotations should be typed by Arial, saving together and must consist:

Surname and name of the author(s) (in full), scientific title, position, academic rank, the abbreviated name of the state in brackets (for example, Ivanov Peter Sergeyevich, PhD, Doctor, Prof., (Russia), 14 pt font semi-boldface, leveling on the center of the page;

Title of the report in capital letters, 16 pt font semi-boldface, (do not type in uppercase letter) leveling on the center of page;

Surname and name of the of the reporter of the conference (must be showed in case of been of several authors) — 14 pt.

After the title of the report before proceeding to the body of the abstract it is necessary that 1 line spacing (empty line) should be left.

3.The main content of the theses and report’ summaries should be typed by Arial font with 14 pt and align by page width. Each paragraph should begin with indented line. Line spacing should be single.

Mathematical formulas should be typed on a computer with the help of corresponding formula editors.

Margin: top and bottom — 20 mm, left — 30 mm, right — 15 mm.

4. The list of literature should include all references to literature in the order of their occurrence in the text. References to literature in the text of the report should be numbered by figures in square brackets: [1], [2], [3—5], etc. The List of literature should be allocated at the end of the text of the report abstracts under the heading LIST of LITERATURE.

5. Pages of abstracts and summaries to the report are not numbered.

6. The annotation of theses must be submitted on English languages (and if possible on Russian (for Russians)).

7. Figures, formulas and tables are allowed only in those cases when it is impossible to describe this process in the text form. In this case each object should not exceed the specified sizes of the page, and its font should be not less than 14 items. All objects should be black-and-white without shades, and total amount of theses together with figures, formulas and tables should not exceed 2 pages А4.

8. Abstracts of the report are accepted only in document Word with extension *.doc);

9. Corrections and additions in abstracts are not accepted. Theses may be rejected according to the decision of the Organizing committee.

Submission of theses, registration forms and other materials

Application for participation in the conference (the registration form of the participant of the conference), abstracts and the summary of the report, a copy of the passport for visa support and booking hotel (after receiving of official invitation) should be sent till September 20, 2010 by e-mail:

Ministry of education of Turkmenistan:,   min.obr.tkm@;

Academy of sciences of Turkmenistan:

State Committee of Turkmenistan for Tourism and sport:

It is desirable not to archive files. In case you apply archives we ask you to use only <zip> or <rar> formats.

Attention! Names of files should begin with the surname of the author (authors), for example: for abstractsand the report summary (annotation) — «Ivanov.doc», for registration form — «Ivanov_reg.doc», for passport — «Ivanov_pas.doc».

The reply letter of the Organizing committee would be the guarantee of reception by us of your abstracts and the registration form of the conference participant.

Upon the assessment of report abstracts the Organizing committee will send to your address the official invitation for participation in the conference, on the basis of which all travel and residing charges in Turkmenistan of the conference participants will be reimbursed or covered.

Official invitation for participation in the conference will be send till October 20, 2010.

Arrival of the conference participants and the order of expenditure payment

All travel and accommodation expenses in Turkmenistan of the conference participants, that have received the official invitation of the Organizing committee, would be reimbursed by the ORGANISTAION SENT OFFICIAL INTITATION. The travel expenses of participants are compensated before the completion of the conference.

Hotel accommodations are reserved by the Organizing Committee on the results of applications registration by the deadline — September 20, 2010

The Organizing Committee provides visa support, as well as transport facility from and to the airport for the participants of the conference during their arrival and departure upon completion of the conference.


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