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for registration and submission of documents for participation at the international scientific conference on The Turkmen literature of Gaznevids epoch and world intellectual values”

According to the Decree of the President of Turkmenistan No. 12527 dated August 29, 2012 the International scientific conference on “The Turkmen literature of Gaznevids epoch and world intellectual values” will take place on December 4-5, 2013 in Ashgabat.

Conference working languages: Turkmen, English and Russian.

Organizer: Magtymguly Institute of Language and Literature of the Academy of Sciences of Turkmenistan.


To participate in the Conference it is necessary to fill the registration form of the participant and send it to the Organizing Committee attaching the thesis and annotation of your paper.

The thesis of the paper is presented in one of working languages of the conference, but annotation is fulfilled in two other languages of the conference.

The registration form of the conference participant









Scientific degree, rank


The organization (the full name)


The organization address (with the postal index)


Office Phone




The report name (do not type in capital letters)


Language of the report


General requirements for registration of the theses and annotations

It is necessary to observe the following requirements on getting the theses and annotations registered:

1. The volume of the paper thesis shouldn’t exceed 1.5 pages of А4 size (210×297 mm), the annotation volume of the paper should be 0,5 pages of А4 size (210×297 mm).

2. The thesis and annotation are printed in Arial type and kept in the same file and contain the following by line:

— surname, name, patronymic, a scientific degree, an academic status of the author (in full), state name are typed in brackets (for example: Atayev Durdy Atayevich, doctor of sciences, professor (Turkmenistan), 14 medium type, central alignment;

— paper name is typed in capital letters, an ordinary font, 16 medium type, central alignment;

— surname, name, patronymic of the conference lecturer are to be shown on the thesis, (if the paper has been written by several authors), ordinary 14 semiboldface;

— it is necessary to skip one line before typesetting of the remainder of the text.

3. The main content of the thesis and annotation are typed in ordinary 14 and aligned on width of the page. Each paragraph is set off in the new paragraph. Line spacing should be unary.

Margins: upper and lower — 2,0 cm, left — 2,5 sm, right — 1,5 sm.

4. The bibliography should include all books in the order of their use in the text. References to the literature in the text are numbered by figures in square brackets: [1], [2], [3–5] etc. The list of used books is placed in the end of the text of report thesis. The headline BIBLIOGRAPHY is typed on top of it.

5. Pages of the theses and annotations aren’t numbered.

6. Theses are fulfilled in one of the conference working languages, while annotations are to be written in two other languages.

7. Report theses are received only in a Word document format (with expansion doc).

8. Corrections and additions to the theses aren’t accepted. Under the Organizing Committee’s decision theses can be rejected.

Files are not be archived!


1. Paper theses and annotations are saved in the same file. The file name should begin with surname, name and patronymic of the lecturer. For example: the author is Atayev Durdy Atayevich, the file name should be: “Atayev D.A.doc”. The created file includes a thesis of the report and two annotations.

Files are created for each report and put into a folder “Theses”.

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