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"Science and Technology is the wings of national economy"

Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov
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The Academy of Sciences of Turkmenistan is an organization implementating the unified scientific and technical policy in Turkmenistan, accelerating the development and systematic implementation state programs of scientific and technological development.

The main objectives of the Academy of Sciences are:

— ensuring the implementation of the scientific and technical policy of the state;

— forecasting the development of science, engineering and technology, determining the priority areas of their development;

— increasing the effectiveness of research and development works, ensuring the introduction of scientific achievements into production and coordinating scientific and technical programs;

— organizing, conducting and searching for ways of financing fundamental and applied scientific research, experimental design and technological developments, in order to meet the requirements of various sectors of the economy;

— training highly qualified specialists;

— development of international cooperation in the field of science and technology.

Taking into account the development priorities of the country’s economic sectors and trends in the development of world science, the following 6 priority areas of science and technology in Turkmenistan were identified and approved by the Government:

1. Nanotechnology, chemical technology, the study of new materials and energy;

2. Biotechnology, molecular biology, agriculture, ecology and genetics;

3. Information and telecommunication systems, computer technologies;

4. Modern medicine and production technology of medicines;

5. Innovative economy;

6. The humanities.

Scientific research in Turkmenistan is carried out in the Academy of Sciences of Turkmenistan, research institutes and scientific centers of ministries and departments, and higher educational institutions of the country in priority fields of science and technology.

The Academy of Sciences coordinates and monitors research conducted by research organizations and higher educational institutions of Turkmenistan, regardless of sectoral affiliation.

The Academy of Sciences has in its structure three departments that monitor the development of basic scientific research, the state of scientific research conducted by academic and sectoral scientific institutions in the relevant areas:

1. Department of Humanities and Economics.

2. Department of Medical, Biological and Agricultural Sciences.

3. Department of physical and mathematical, chemical, geological and technical sciences.

Currently, the Academy of Sciences of Turkmenistan unites 5 scientific organizations that carry out fundamental and applied research in priority fields of science and technology:

1. Institute of Language, Literature and National Manuscripts named after Magtymguly.

2. Institute of History and Archeology.

3. Institute of Seismology and Atmospheric Physics.

4. Institute of Chemistry.

5. Technology Center.

Also in the structure of the Academy of Sciences there are: the Oguzkhan University of Engineering and Technology, the Central Scientific Library, the Publishing House «Ylym» («Science») and the «Ylym» Printing House.

The Academy of Sciences of Turkmenistan publishes the scientific journal Science and Technology in Turkmenistan.

The Academy of Sciences of Turkmenistan is funded from the State Budget of Turkmenistan. Financing of organizations subordinated to the Academy of Sciences is carried out from the State Budget of Turkmenistan and by cost accounting. In order to further improve the financing of scientific research in priority fields of science and technology, the Fund for the Development of Science of the Academy of Sciences of Turkmenistan was created.

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