Miras, #1, 2018

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Magazine «Miras», #1 2018 (.pdf)


New year address of President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov to the Turkmen nation.

To the people of the independent Neutral Turkmenistan.

G. Amanguliyeva (Turkmenistan).
Calligraphy of manuscripts.

Kh. Yusupov (Turkmenistan).
Legend and truth.

. Eshmukhamedova (Uzbekistan).
Philosophic and moral heritage of Ahmed Yasavi and its sources.

B. Divangulyyeva (Turkmenistan).
Reflection of national values of Turkmen people in the «Gorkut Ata» epos.

Review of the events of the social, scientific and cultural life of independent Neutral Turkmenistan (January-March).

The contents of the popular scientific «Miras» journal for the year 2017.

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