Problems of Desert Development 1/2007

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  • The international scientific practical journal "Problems of desert development" – 40 years
  • Dukhovny V.A., Gans Vilps., Ruziev I.B., Stulina G.V., Roshchenko E., Ogar’ N.P., Kozlova E. Desertification processes in the Priaral region
  • Tyan’ Yui-Chzhao Tactical approach to the problems of struggle against lands desertification
  • Veisov S.K., Khamraev G.O., Dobrin A.L. The landscape determination method of desertification nidi
  • Cherednichenko V.P., Doroshin A.V., Solodov A.A. The dynamics of a sandy relief and dunes forest melioration of the Kurshskaya spit
  • Chembarisov E.I., Shodiýev S.R. Mineralization of collector-drainage waters of Uzbekistan
  • Khanmammedov M.A., Rejepov O.R. On the rational use of water resources of Turkmenistan
  • Nurberdiev M., Mamedov B. Pasture seasons in Turkmenistan
  • Atayev A.Ch., Tsukanova S.K., Mamedov E.Yu. Junipers retrogression of Kopetdag
  • Iskanderov Kh., Ovezdurdyev A., Genjiev R. The influence of extract of liquorice root on man’s organism
  • Penchukovskaya T.I. Objects characteristics and situations of their damages
  • Soyunov O. Entomoconsortia of edificators of the Karakums northern part
  • Khydyrov P.R., Yusupova B.D. Phytoseiidae (plant) ticks of Turkmenistan
  • Orazklychev Ya. The experience of deserts remaking of Turkmenistan


  • Kurbanov J. Capers grassy in Turkmenistan
  • Ataev Ch.A. Laudakia caucasica in the south western of Turkmenistan
  • Shammakov S., Ataev K. New places of finds of Phrynocerhalus guttatus in the north of Turkmenistan
  • Rustamov E.A., Shcherbina A.A. Calculation of numbers of water waders on the Caspii littoral


  • Bairamov D. A greenhouse with water closed cycle
  • Zharkov V.V. The use of "deridash" coagulant for the improvement of wines quality


  • The journal "Arid Zone Research" (China)

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