Problems of Desert Development 4/2006

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  • The National institute of deserts, flora and fauna of the Ministry of nature protection of Turkmenistan as a center on the research of desertification problems
  • Odekov O.A., Durdyev Kh.D. Geoecological problems of the Caspian Sea
  • Esenov P. Problems of lands degradation and some ways of their solution
  • Veysov S.K., Kurbanov O.R. The Turkmenistan’s experience on the protection of engineering objects against sand drifts and deflation
  • Chembarisov E.I., Reymov A.R., Chembarisova E.I., Shamsiev F.K. The role of pesticides in the environment pollution of Uzbekistan
  • Saparov O., Annanurova M. On the raising of fertility of degraded soils of Kopetdag foothills
  • Spivak L.F., Batyrbaeva M.Zh., Vitkovskaya I.S., Mamedov B.K., Nurberdiev M., Orlovskaya L.G. The analysis of interseasonal dynamics of vegetation on the Turkmenistan’s territory
  • Kurbanov J.Liliaceae family in Turkmenistan’s flora
  • Levin G.M.Materials and taxonomy of Mandragora L. (Solanaceae) genus
  • Gaipova A.P. Structure and productivity of algocoenoses of reservoirs of Central Kopetdag
  • Penchukovskaya T.I. Rodents activity in biodamaging situation
  • Sal’nikov V.B. Outlook of artificial breeding of Amudarya Pseudoseaphirhynchus in Turkmenistan
  • Iskanderov Kh.I., Baltaev S.D. Dynamics of acid alkaline balance of man’s organism in deserts conditions

Brief communications

  • Shammakov S.M., Geokbatyrova O.A. Alsophylax laevis in the South Western of Turkmenistan
  • Ataev Ch.A. Relict populations of amphibia and reptile in lakes of the Western Uzboi
  • Darymov V.Ya. On concepts and terms on desertification


  • “Global Deserts Outlook”. – Nairobi, Kenya, United Nations Environment Programme, 2006, - 148 pp.


  • Durdyev A.M. The international conference on the climate change
  • Rustamov E.A. The program on the study and protection of key ornithological territories in Turkmenistan

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