Problems of Desert Development, 4/2008

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  • Mardanov I.I. The estimation of methods of landscape ecological researches of Alpine in the Azerbaijan part of the Bolshoi Caucasus
  • Chembarisov E.I., Shodiev S.R. Prognosis of mineralization change and chemical composition of river waters of the South-Western Uzbekistan
  • Abduev M.A. Pollution of river waters of arid territories of Azerbaijan
  • Moldoshev K.O. Perspectives of rational use of water resources of Chuiskaya valley
  • Veisov S.K., Khamraev G.O., Akyniyazov A.D. The dynamics of barkhan relief of the Western Turkmenistan
  • Ataev E.A., Rotaru T.B. Vegetation of middle mountains of Central Kopetdag
  • Rustamov I.G. Root system of dominant species of grassy plants of Krasnovodsk plateau
  • Ataev A.Ch., Mamedov E.Yu., Tsukanova S.K. Regional junipers peculiarities of Kopetdag
  • Kurbanmamedova G.M., Akmuradov A.A. Wild Pyrus turcomanica in Central Kopetdag
  • Kamakhina G.L. Key invasions of alien species of flora and fauna of Turkmenistan
  • Korobkova O.I. Biological value of Crambe kotschyana Boiss
  • Shammakov S. Zoogeographical analysis of Turkmenistans herpetofauna
  • Shestopal A.A. Herpetofauna of Khojakala valley
  • Efimenko N.N. Cadastre of population of rare insufficiently known animals of Koytendag


  • Iskanderov Kh., Baltaev S., Iskanderova M. The influence of liquorice extract on cardio respiratory man”s system
  • Kurbanov J., Vlasenko G.P. Allium eugenii is on the Bolshoi Balkhan
  • Ovezmukhammedov A. Coccidiofauna of Francolinus francolinus in Turkmenistan
  • List of papers published in «Problems of Desert Development» in 2008

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