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National Manuscripts Institute of Academy of Sciences of Turkmenistan

The Institute is the specialized research institution under the jurisdiction of the Academy of Sciences of Turkmenistan.

Post and site address, phone and e-mail of the research institute:

13 A, Pushkin street, Ashgabat, 740000,
Tel.: (+99312) 940177, Fax: (+99312) 940172, e-mail:

Brief information about work of the research institute (names of the laboratories, departments and centres): National Manuscripts Institute of Academy of Sciences of Turkmenistan was founded on March 15, 1993. Six departments "Scientific Commentary Department","Textual Criticism Department«, «Department of the Sources of the Turkmen History», «Department of the Sources of the Turkmen Literature», «Folklore Department», «Department of Cataloging and Scientific Research», as well as «Restoration and Repair» Laboratory and editorial office of «Miras» («Heritage») scientific-social magazine function at the Institute.

«Textual Criticism Department» — the scientific-popular and critical texts of the works of literature created in the ancient periods, Middle Ages and XVIII—XIX centuries of the Turkmen literature are prepared and monographs are written in this department on the basis of the reliable sources, stored in the manuscripts’ stock, which were preserved till our time, including the photo and electronic copies of the manuscripts related to the Turkmen literature, language, culture and history, which were brought from the famous libraries, museums and manuscripts’ stocks of the foreign states during academic trips by using the comparative, comparative-historical analysis methods and scientific-theoretical principles of textual criticism. The research investigations, conducted in this field are based on strict scientific requirements of the present period and achievements of the sphere of the literary theory of the world literature as well as textual criticism.

These works of literature, which are the national heritage of the Turkmen people, are published in original (facsimile) and Turkmen national alphabet and the preparatory work for publication will be continued.

«Scientific Commentary Department» — the scientific commentaries to the ancient manuscripts of the Oriental literature are prepared in this department. The commentaries include brief scientific information about the names and pennames of the authors, clerks, owners, translators and dates. The commentaries also include information about the place of production of the paper, type of script, width, height of the page, size of the text and other peculiarities.

«Department of the Sources of the Turkmen History» — this department carries out work on study, translation and preparation for publication of the sources related to the ancient and medieval history of the Turkmen people on the basis of the manuscript sources stored in the manuscripts’ depositary of the Institute as well as photo and electronic copies of the most reliable manuscripts, preserved in the manuscripts stocks of the foreign countries.

«Department of the Sources of the Turkmen Literature» carries out work on collection of the spiritual values, taking its origin from depths of centuries, confirming that the Turkmen language is one of the most ancient and richest languages of the world as well as manuscript sources including collected works of literature written in our native language, their linguistic studying and publication. In the recent years, works on studying of tens manuscript sources written in our native language in the different countries of the world are carried out in this department.

«Folklore Department» carries out works on the determination the history of the originination of the eposes, turkmen folk epics, folk prose and poetic works of literature as well as their artistic value, collection and study of the folklore works and translation of the medieval manuscript sources into the modern turkmen language. Works, having the educational value, which foster patriotic and humanistic feelings and promote friendship and sincerity among people, are prepared for publication.

«Department of Cataloging and Scientific Research» mainly carries out works on computerization and scanning of the card index of the manuscripts. The specialists of the department provide high-quality services to the scientists, who work with manuscripts, register and systemitize the manuscripts, coming from the people as well as photocopies, brought from the manuscripts’ stocks of the foreign countries and make them available for readers.

«Restoration and Repair» Laboratory — the manuscripts and lithographic sources, which require restoration, are restored, the pages are repaired as well as the manuscripts are protected from harmful bacteria and insects with the help of the chemical methods in this laboratory. The specialists of this laboratory, who carry out these high-quality works in accordance with the international standards, were awarded twice with Grand Fund of thew Ambassador on Protection of Cultural Heritageof the Embassy of the United States of America in Turkmenistan.

«Miras» («Heritage») scientific-social magazine: it is a quarterly magazine, published in three languages — Turkmen, English and Russian. The articles, related the general and scientific issues, new discoveries and designs, interaction of the ancient cultures, nations and civilizations, information about scientific and cultural life are published on the pages of this magazine.

Main direction of the research works: the main direction of the research work of theNational Manuscripts Institute of Academy of Sciences of Turkmenistan is the collection of the manuscript heritage, written monuments and folklore materials of the Turkmen people, restoration of the manuscripts, their protection as well as scientific analysis of the manuscript heritage of the Turkmen people. Currently, the manuscript stock of the Institute contains about ten thousand handwritten works and ancient lithographic books, rich fund of the folklore and literary heritage of the written works from the folk narrators, connected with history and cultural development, which is invaluable written monuments in studying not only of the history and culture of the Turkmen people but the whole East.

At present time, the important works are carried out in the Institute in the following fields:

To collect the national spiritual and cultural heritage of the Turkmen people — written monuments and folklore works, the restoration, repair and preservation of the manuscripts for next generations;

To study and analyze thoroughly from the scientific viewpoint the valuable manuscripts related to the culture, history, literature and folklore of the Turkmen people written in the Arabic, Persian, ancient and medieval Turkmen languages;

To create the card index of the manuscripts and folklore works of the existing stock, to computerize them, to review and publish the manuscript;

To carry out significant research works on the Turkmen language, literature, folklore, history and culture on the basis of the manuscript sources and publish them;

To study from the scientific viewpoint the life and creativity of the classic poets and to publish their works of literature;

To organize the international scientific conferences and other scientific and cultural-social actions, to arrange the exhibitions.

The number of the published scientific articles and monographs (2016):

Collection of articles: 3
Scientific articles: 35
The number the Presentations at the International Scientific Conferences: 48

Printed books:

1. Söz aslyna ýet ýagşy. Ylmy köpçülikleýin makalalar.

2. Baýly şahyr. Saýlanan goşgular. Aşgabat, TDNG, 2016. 196 s.

3. Вопросы этнокультурной истории народов Туранской низменности: oт предположений к закономерностям. — Саарбрюккен: Международный издательский дом Palmarium Academic Publishing, 2016. — 156 с.

4. Свидетельствуют источники: ностальгия или настороженность на будущее. Подтверждено документально. — Саарбрюккен: Международный издательский дом Palmarium Academic Publishing, 2016. — 148 с. (e-kitap).

Printed books in cooperation with foreign scientists:

1. Milli golýazmalar institutyndaky golýazmalaryň teswiri (türkmen dilindäki golýazmalar) türk dilinde. Türkiýe, Eskişehr.

2. Magtymguly Pyragy. Diwan. Azerbaýjan we türkmen dilinde. Baku.

The works carried out jointly with scientific and educational institutions and organizations:

The Institute organizes regularly the academic trips to the foreign countries with purpose of research the sources, manuscripts and folklore works related to the history, art, literary and cultural heritage of the Turkmen people, their scientific studying and making them available for people.

The Institute kept close relations with scientific centres of the world including Juma al-Majid Heritage Centre of the United Arab Emirates, Abdul-Aziz Scientific centre of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Manuscripts Institutes and research institutions of the Republic of South Korea, Azerbaijan, Tajikistan, Armenia, Georgia and other countries. At present time, the Institute carries out work jointly with Literature Institute named after Nizami of the National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan on preparation of the book «The Anthology of Turkmen Literature» for publication in two languages.

Tens of books like «Verses and Poems» by Nurmuhammet Andalyp, epic «Yusup and Zuleykha» by Nurmuhammet Andalyp, epic «Leyli and Mejnun» by Nurmuhammet Andalyp, epic «Baba Rovshen» by Nurmuhammet Andalyp, epic «Zeynelarap» by Nurmuhammet Andalyp, «Rubais» by Meane Baba, «The Morality of Mukhsyn» by Huseyin Kashifi, «The Medicine of Diseases, Ependi», by Jelaleddin Khydyr, Collected Works of Dovletmammet Azady, Collected Works of Magtymguly, «The History of the Turkmens» by Ibn Abdylla Makhmyt Nishapury, «The Epics (Zokhre and Takhyr, Dilaver and Gulesrar)» by Mollamyrat Khorezmi, Collected Works of Ashyky, «Rubais» by Makhmyt Palvan, Dictionary of Ancient Turkmen Language (Vol. I—II), Review of Manuscripts of the National Manuscripts Institute (manuscripts in Turkmen), «The Legends about Magtymguly Fragi», «The Book of Dadem Gorkut», Collected Poems of Bayly Shakhyr, based on the handwritten sources, the monographs such as «Nurmuhammet Andalyp (the structural analysis of the texts», «The Literary Traditions and Poetic Investigations in creativity of Nurmuhammet Andalyp», «The Analysis of the Manuscripts by Magtymguly» as well as collected articles «The Singer of the World of Poetry» (dedicated to the 350th Anniversary of Nurmuhammet Andalyp), «The Works of National Manuscripts Institute. I», «The View of Soul», «Magtymguly by Eyes of the Germans» and other works have been published till present time at the Institute.

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