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Science and Technology Policy
Science of Turkmenistan

Central Scientific Library
Turkmen Research Educational Network Association (TuRENA)

“Turkmensuvylymtaslama” Institute

Beki Seytakov str.1, Ashgabat, Turkmenistan. 744000,
phone 351835; Fax: 35 18 35

Hospital with scientific clinic center of cardiology, Ministry of Health and Medical Industry of Turkmenistan

7744006, Turkmenistan, Ashgabat city, 192, A.Niyzov avenue
Office tel: (+993&12) 97-00-81; (+99312) 97-12-05; Fax: (+99312) 97-02-89

Research institute of the grain cultures.

745205, 1/2 O. Jumayew str., Akhal wel, Ak bugday distr., village Annau.
Telephone/fax. 8-00-137-36-4-76; 8-00-137-36-3-95

State Institute of Cultural Heritageof peoples of Turkmenistan, Central Asia and Orient at Turkmenistan’s President.

Ashgabat city, Saparmurat Turkmenbashy avenue, 18
Phone: 39-47-09, fax: 39-46-22.

The National institute of deserts, flora and fauna of the Ministry of nature protection of Turkmenistan

744000, Ashkhabad, 15, Bitarap Turkmenistan str.

The Strategic Planning and Economical Development Institute

Phones: 35-38-13, fax: 35-50-79, 39-55-76

Turkmenistan scientific-clinikal center of oncology

744020, 53 Gorogly str, Turkmenistan, Ashgabat.
Tel.: 34-48-03; fax: 345019

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