Key Works of 2018 Conducted by Scientists of Institute of Chemistry Reflected in Specialized Compendium

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Key Works of 2018 Conducted by Scientists of Institute of Chemistry Reflected in Specialized Compendium


Over eighty inventions and rationalization proposals were included in the compendium of research published by the Institute of Chemistry of the Academy of Sciences of Turkmenistan as the year review. Works by scientists represented in the publication were conducted in collaboration with sectoral research institutes, professors of higher educational institutions and specialists of industrial enterprises. They mostly focus on implementing cost-effective inventions based on the use of local raw materials and advanced technology.

For five years, the Institute of Chemistry has been cooperating, on a contractual basis, with enterprises of the country’s leading industries: State Concerns Turkmenhimiya, Turkmengaz, Turkmennebit; State Corporation Turkmengeologita; industrial and agricultural enterprises and business circles. Many academic articles and monographs have been published, and over 130 invention certificates and patents have been registered during this period.

The institute’s five self-sustained laboratories conduct research in such areas as rational use of natural resources, technological upgrades of economic sectors, import substitution and environmental protection.

Last year the staff of the institute received twice as many patents for inventions as in 2017. Particularly, the scientists of the Institute of Chemistry of the Academy of Sciences formulated mineral additives that provide greater cement strength; modifiers improving the quality of roadbeds; they also introduced ways of obtaining coagulants from bentonite etc.

Research and experimental works conducted to study the chemical composition, physical and chemical properties of hydro-mineral raw materials allowed the scientists to develop technologies to process potassium magnesia, magnesium chlorate, table salt, epsomite, crystalline bischofite, potassium sulfate and magnesium oxide, as well as many other minerals obtained from surface and buried brines of Garabogaz. They studied the environmental condition of the Turkmen Lake and the Sarygamysh Lake; evaluated the level of salinization of soil through drainage waters; and prepared the environmental map of use of these waters.

Upon request of the Turkmenabat Chemical Plant, the scientists completed technical specifications of developing the Durnaly phosphorite field of the Magdanly-Koytendag mining basin, and introduced the technology and technical specifications for the enrichment of phosphates and obtention of phosphate flour.

The compendium of research of the Institute of Chemistry of the Academy of Sciences is intended for the experts of the agricultural, chemical, oil and gas sectors and other fields, as well as for lecturers, postgraduate students and students of relevant universities.

Vladimir KOMAROV

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