Aspects of innovative education and succession in science are discussed during first session of the Young Scientists Centre

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Aspects of innovative education and succession in science are discussed during first session of the Young Scientists Centre


Members of the Academy of Sciences of Turkmenistan, lecturers of high educational institutions, personnel research institutes as well as students took part in the session.

The hosts of the session highlighted that it is important to implement the practices of elder generation of the scientists for attraction of the youth to research and study activity. The succession is one of the important terms of modernization of national scientific school.

Reports of the experts, specialists and lecturers of high educational institutions, branch institutes of the Academy of Science and scientific structures of different ministries and departments aroused the interest of young generation of the scientists. There were representatives of International University of Oil and gas, Ministry of Public Health and Medical Industry, Centre of technologies, Institute of Chemistry and Solar Energy at the Academy of Science of Turkmenistan among the guests.

The scientists presented brief but substantial reviews on history of establishment and development of domestic science, on modern achievements in different spheres. The focus was made on the objectives stimulating intellectual growth of the youth and development of innovative education. In this regard, the importance of cooperation of number of scientific structures with comprehensive and specialized education facilities of the country was mentioned.

Involvement of young scientists to actual studies at the Centre of Technologies of the Academy of Science is among perspective targets. Representatives of young generation of intellectual elite spoke for active implementation of information technologies to fundamental studies.

Summarizing the discussion, the organizers mentioned its productivity and expressed the confidence that offered ideas and proposals would be developed under the work of the Young Scientists Centre, which is aimed at formation of quality new, creative thinking generation of Turkmen scientists.

Victoria Novikova

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